The ERIC (Estates Return Information Collection) is collected and published here by the HSCIC on behalf of the Department of Health. It is the main central data collection for estates and facilities services from the NHS containing information dating back to 1999/2000 and will be added to as future returns are completed. The data provided enables the analysis of Estates & Facilities information from NHS Trusts and PCTs in England which is a compulsory requirement that NHS Trusts submit an Estates Return. The data is as provided by reporting organisations and has not been amended. The accuracy and completeness is the responsibility of the reporting organisations.

You can make specific searches via the Reports tab which allows you to build and filter your own reports on the following areas:

  • Year
  • Strategic Health Authority
  • Organisation Type
  • Data levels
  • Site Type
  • Sections within the return

Standard reports providing the full data set, as returned, at Trust and site level can be downloaded in Excel and CSV format via the Data Files tab. Details of the data items collected for each year can be found under the downloads section on the right hand side of the page.